Our Goals

Our goals since forming have remained the same; To promote the elk industry in the state of Iowa and increase the public's awareness of the real and aesthetic pleasures involved with the breeding, raising, viewing, and consuming of elk.

Association History

The Iowa Elk Breeders Association was officially formed in February 1993 by men and women interested in promoting the elk producing industry in the state of Iowa. In the short time since our beginning, we have become a "force to be reckoned with." Our annual convention seminars have brought us excellent speakers from as far away as Canada. Our state fair live animal exhibit maintains a constant flow of information seekers and is one of the top draws in the Avenue of Breeds. IEBA continues to welcome new members to our association. One went on to win the "other meats" category in the state Farm Bureau Cookout held at the Iowa State Fair. Because of the growing interest, "elk" became its own separate category beginning with the 2002 county fair. 

IEBA and its membership have worked hard on legislative issues regarding elk and the elk industry in Iowa. As a result, elk are considered "alternative livestock" in Iowa and are governed by the Department of Agriculture. Starting in 2001 and continuing into the 2002 legislative session, IEBA and its members worked very hard to see the successful passage of Senate File 335 which classifies "elk" as "livestock" in the Department of Revenue and Finance and offers elk the same tax breaks that traditional livestock are offered. Although much successful progress has been made, the association continues to watchdog and improve elk legislation as the need arises.

Our association is one of the more active state elk associations and our members soon become "family."