Membership Information

All individuals interested in promoting elk farming may become members. To join, click here to download a membership application. Membership entitles you to receive IEBA newsletters (published quarterly), copies of this booklet and other information to distribute and aid in the promotion of your farm/ranch, invitations to all IEBA events, a great support system, updates regarding new laws and regulations, health information, etc., and a fantastic networking system.

In order to help its members, IEBA:

  • Updates information on state regulations relating to the elk industry.
  • Hosts an annual convention in January with informational seminars.
  • Holds general membership meetings in January and July.
  • Conducts an annual antler competition.
  • Runs an informational, live animal exhibit at the Iowa State Fair.
  • Publishes a newsletter and annual informational booklet.
  • Supplies elk meat for IEBA functions.
  • Maintains a web site.
  • Provides a Super Support Group!

Highlights from the past year:

During the 2018 Iowa State Fair, members again worked together in the Avenue of Breeds to show our elk and teach others about them.

Our annual meeting was held on February 24, 2018 at Meskwaki Bingo-Casino-Hotel in Tama.